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Let’s Play COMMUNICATES (Movement AKA Body Language)

If you’re a sensitive introvert and conflict-phobic person you might be more aware and pay attention to details such to body language more than a person who is not sensitive, conflict-phobic and an extrovert.

With the communicates game, you are likely to notice the different facial and body movements of the people you’re playing the communicates game with because you’re using the facial and body movement to gage how the people in the group are feeling and if their body language aligned with what they were saying.

You would have noticed if they were having fun or if they were bored by their body language and facial expressions.

No one wants to be bored including you, and if everyone talked and acted stiff as a board, how boring would that be?

Let’s talk about facial and body movements or better known as body language, and see how people might be giving away how they are actually feeling and how you can use body language to communicate confidence if you’re feeling otherwise.

Your facial and body language may give away your secret or your actual feelings about a person or situation that you may be feeling on a subconscious level.

Sometimes your spoken words don’t match with your body language.

There are times that you might communicate what you actually feel about a person or situation, and you want that person to know so you can let your body language do the communicating for you.

There are maaaannnny facial and body movements so if I went through each and every one of them you’ll be reading this for unlimited hours.

In this blog, only a few body language items will be discussed to get you started and learn how your body language can help or hinder you to creating a happy and harmonious relationship in your personal communication.

First one of course is body posture.



How many times have you been told to stand up straight?

By standing up straight you automatically look like a confident person versus someone who is hunched over.

Strike a power pose and you look like one of the confident superheroes that you admired as a kid.

So why not admire yourself and strike a power pose?

On the flip side some people can take the power pose too far and end up taking up other people’s personal space because he or she admires him or herself so much that he or she don’t care or don’t see the other people in the room.

You might be that person and that’s okay if that is who you want to be.

If your body posture is hunched, you’re communicating either trying to blend in the background and not stand out or you have a bad back.

If you like to fidget such as fidget with your fingers, hair, or anything you can touch then you’re likely communicating that you’re feeling nervous, anxious, bored, or timid in the communication.

Let’s not forget about the eyes.

If you are able to make appropriate eye contact with the other person you’re speaking with then you’re likely communicating that your feeling confident.

If you avoid making any eye contact, then you’re likely either a shy communicator or someone who dislikes communicating.

Or how about the person who makes extreme eye contact as if staring that person down?

Has that ever happened to you?

Lastly, smile.

A smile can naturally brighten a room, brighten your face, and automatically makes you look like a confident and friendly person.

Would you feel more comfortable talking to a person with a smile on his or her face or a person with a frown or no smile at all?

If you chose the person with a smile, why wouldn’t it be the same way with other people you communicate with.

There isn’t necessary a right or wrong way for body language.

It’s about making others feel comfortable and sometimes your body language can make others feel uncomfortable such as lack of eye contact, too much of eye contact (staring), taking up personal space, and so forth.

The Objective of the Game

The ‘winning’ objective is that you’re aware of your body language and understand other people’s body language.

If you’re comfortable with your body language and feel that you know how you use your body language in your communication. That’s a win!

If you’re not comfortable with your body language or don’t feel you know how to appropriately use your body language in your communication, guess what?

You learned without losing.

Remember there is no losing in this game, only learning.

Learning points in this example might be what are your fears? Why do have these fears? What went well and want to keep? What didn’t go well that you want to change? What can you do better next time?

You earn bonus points when you’re bold and step into your authenticity of the character you want to portray when you use the body language that communicate what you wanted and intended in your communication.

This is the Communication Warrior.


You know your way of body language…Now Go Play and Have Fun Communicating!

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Warm regards,

Grace CW Liu
Communication Navigator