Find Your Unique Communication Style


I believe there is a solution to every problem including communication and conversation problems. Everyone can find the solution they seek by using the guidance of grace that is in you, with the grace of spiritual support, and Grace, me, as your Communication Navigator and support system.


My passion is to help sensitive, conflict-phobic, and introverted women have effective communication so they feel valued and heard in any conversation. As an Asian American woman I was taught by my parents that good Asian girls are to be seen and not heard. You might have been told the same thing by your parents and have learned the message; your voice, your communication does not count.

From my background experience I understand how important communication can be. So much so, that I even went into the field of Speech-Language Pathology so I could teach my patients to communicate through neurological impairment or development delay. I taught my patients and their family members how to communicate with one another, and I worked in this field for 23 years.

In my own personal experience, I had communication breakdown with my spouse, and it felt like we were speaking two different languages. We had so many arguments and fights due to frequent misunderstandings and miscommunication. Through studying and observations, I began to realize why communication breakdown kept occurring and the solutions to solving those problems. I’ve presented these solutions so that communicative partners can achieve effective communication!