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Let’s Play COMMUNICATES (Choose Your Path)

Everyone has a certain path or journey that he or she is traveling on during his or her lifetime.

Including you.

As you travel on your path during your journey, choices or opportunities will be presented to you.

You will look at your opportunities and choices and decide the one that is best for you at that moment.

Sometimes the choices you make (or want to make) may not make sense to the people you have relationships with.

I will share with you, my story.

When I decided and chose to be an entrepreneur or solopreneur, my husband couldn’t understand why I would go down this path when I had a steady job as a speech-language pathologist.

I earned a good income working in hospitals and as a travel therapist.

I wanted time, money, and freedom and chose a path where I could dictate my own time and money.

I couldn’t see myself having time and money freedom if I continued to work as a speech-language pathologist.

I can honestly tell you that my husband didn’t like my decision in choosing to be a solopreneur and giving up a steady income; however, that is the path I have chosen, and I have stuck with it.

Is it stubbornness on my part? Perhaps.

Is it that I believe in myself and believe that I can do it and succeed as a solopreneur? Absolutely!

My husband is supportive with what I am doing and working on, and he does his best to show his support.

I am more of a risk taker than my husband, if you can’t tell already.

I appreciate him doing his best to show his support even if he might not agree with my choice or decision.

Sometimes that will happen. Either you’ll make the choice that your partner doesn’t agree with or vice versa.

Here’s the thing.

Your partner can still support you and show their support even if they doesn’t agree with you and vice versa.

If you want to have a happy and harmonious relationship, then you are going to have to allow the person to make certain choices or decisions for themselves that differ from yours.

You want to be able to communicate your thoughts of choices or decisions you want to make for yourselves. That will benefit you and your partner.

Likewise, you want your partner to feel like they can communicate to you their thoughts about choices or decisions they want to make to better your lives together.

Sometimes your partner (or you) may not be comfortable with the choice or decision that is presented because of fear.

Fear of failure, fear of money (lack of money), fear of (fill-in-the-blank), and what-ifs (something bad happens).

Fear is good at keeping people and you at status quo.

When you follow your heart and do what you love, then you’ll be able to conquer your fear.

Afterall there is a saying, “Love can conquer fear.”

I’m not going to say that you won’t encounter obstacles and challenges along the way because you will.

I’ve had encountered my fair share of challenges and obstacles along my journey.

What I will say is that you’ll be able to overcome your obstacles and challenges because everything is figureoutable.

That I know from my own personal experience.

I would also like to add that…

Choose Your Path can also mean that you are choosing activities that will benefit your relationship with your partner such as choosing the way you communicate so that you can have more constructive conversations rather than destructive conversations with your partner.

Choosing to be aware of the way you communicate and how you communicate with your partner, choices or decisions will be presented to you during your lifetime and you want to be able to communicate your choices or decisions with your partner.

Your partner should also feel like they can communicate their choices or decisions with you.

The choices or decisions may be presented to the individual; however, the choice or decision made may impact the relationship.

Likely the choice or decision made will be the one that would benefit the relationship.

It’s about choosing the path, being able to discuss your choices and decisions. Having that support even if the person disagrees with you.

Also, choosing to have constructive conversations rather than destructive conversations when discussing choices or decisions.

The Objective of the Game

The ‘winning’ objective is that you allow the person to make the choice or decision that is best for him or her and give support even if you don’t agree.

The choice or decision made will benefit the relationship rather than hinder the relationship.

If you managed to openly communicate your thoughts and the choices or decisions you’re making, and your partner supports you even if he or she might not agree with you…That’s a win!

If you and your partner couldn’t openly communicate thoughts, and the choices or decisions because of fear, that’s okay. Guess what?

You learned without losing.

Remember there is no losing in this game, only learning.

Learning points in this example might be:

  • What can you do differently next time so that you can share your thoughts and choices while asking for support?
  • What are the fears towards the choices or decisions?
  • Why do you have these fears?
  • What can you do to have constructive conversation when sharing your choices or decisions when partner doesn’t or might not agree with you?

You earn bonus points when you’re bold and step into your authenticity of the character you want to portray and hold yourself accountable when making the choice or decision that will be best for you and that will benefit you and your partner.

This is the Communication Warrior.

You know your way to choose your path… Now Go Play and Have Fun Communicating!

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Warm regards,

Grace CW Liu
Communication Coach & Navigator