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Express Yourself | The COMMUNICATES Game

If you’re an introvert, sensitive, people pleaser, who would love to openly and confidently communicate your thoughts, feelings and desires without the fear of arguments or criticisms, stay tuned for fun and valuable information.

Hi, I’m Grace, and welcome to the Communicates Warrior Game video series, or what I like to call COMMUNICATES Game.

Now, if you have missed the other videos in this video series, that’s okay, stay here for now, you can always catch up with those other videos later on. So in this video, today, we’re going to talk about expressing yourself. There are many ways you can express yourself. Certainly one of the ways is through words, right verbal communication. So the words, the tone of voice, the body language, the facial expressions, the hand gestures. But of course, you can also communicate in written format, right, in writing. And you can also communicate and express yourself through art, right, just even painting, sculpting, drawing, or music, dancing. So you can see there’s other ways to communicate and express yourself, not necessarily all the time with verbal communication. But of course, in this video series, the main focus has been on verbal communication.

But today we’re going to be talking about expressing your self, and we’re going to use the communication characters, in talking about how each of the characters might express him or herself. So let’s get started.

All right, so our first communication character is Stance our confident communicator. All right, so their’s Stance. Now Stance because Stance’s is a confident person, we would expect that Stance is going to express him or herself with confidence. And what might that look like? Well Stance is going to be able to do things and do things well. That will be you know, communicating verbally written some performance of some sort, either through art, music, whatever it is, Stance is going to do it with confidence, you know, shoulders back, back, straight smile on the face, if it’s appropriate. And if Stance happens to make a misstep Stance is going to be able to pivot quickly. And you know, do it with confidence. But in most cases, you might not even have known that Stance made an error because they just know how to carry on. Right. So it almost feels like when Stance is expressing him or herself, they know exactly what to do to avoid any missteps. It’s almost like you don’t really see any missteps at all. And if it does happen, you don’t even realize it. Why? Because they just have that confidence, like you know what, I can carry on no matter what, however, they express themselves. They just know what to do. And they’re not afraid if something goes wrong, because they have the confidence to know how to pivot and perhaps even how to repair it, maybe even a way that you didn’t even know that they had made a mistake in the first place. All right, so that is Stance.

Okay, and our next communication character is Brash. Now Brash is our arrogant communicator. So how is Brash going to express him or herself? Well, we expect that Brash is going to take up space, right? So we suspect that Brash is going to express him or herself in a big way, perhaps, you know, using big movements, or over the top way of, you know, expressing him or herself either through music, the clothing they wear, or art, whatever it is, they’re gonna make a big splash, right? Because they just want to shine. That’s how Brash just might be right? Because, again, Brash wants to shine. So have a way to, you know, make sure that Brash is standing out. So big movements, big splashes, you know, it could be in clothing, it could be in the way they carry themselves with their tone of voice or their volume. involve their voice or even their body language and even in their performance, right? If they’re underperforming, perhaps you know through their art, music, whatever it might be, that might be how Brash express him or herself, because again, they like to shine, and they want– and they like to stand out.

Okay, so our next communication character is Gray, and Gray is our timid communicator. So as you can see, Gray is wanting to kind of blend in, right. So when Gray communicates or express him or herself is probably going to be more in a gentle, quiet way. Right, you might find that Gray might prefer to draw or paint or do something to express him or herself. Maybe it’s dance, and it might be some gentle dances, or it might be, you know, any type of dance. However, again, it’s being with the other crowds, right with other people. And if Gray does perform or express him or herself, there’s nobody else around Gray might do it in a very quiet, subtle way of expressing him or herself. Gray might be also a type of person that prefers writing, rather than verbal. Might prefer, you know, sometimes to express him or herself through the art, right, because it’s all very just inward, and away from other people. Again, Gray, may just prefer to express him or herself through quiet needs, writing, painting, drawing, you know, that type of thing. So, that’s Gray.

And then of course, we have Blend our Shapeshifter communicator. And so Blend, of course, is going to be able to read the room, read the situation, figure out what would be best in expressing him or herself in that situation. So Blend, being the shapeshifter kind of is able to like say, okay, you know, this is more of a quiet mood. So express him or herself in more in a quiet way. Perhaps if you know, Blend is more in a kind of party situation, right? Then Blend is going to be able to express him or herself more in that party mood type of situation. If it calls for that confidence Blend can also be that confidence again, Blend is that type of person, you know, that is able to kind of see what’s going on and almost feel very comfortable and kind of going in this direction or in that direction, right, because again, Blend is our shapeshifter. So for Blend, it’s going to be very easy for Blend to decide, you know how he or she is going to express him or herself, depending upon the situation. And you know, the person they– that they are with, they feel very comfortable and almost playing all different parts at the same time. Because they just have that ability to like shapeshift, right. So Blend can just express him or herself accordingly to whichever situation or group that he or she is in. So it might be if it’s requires to be quiet, they’re okay with that if it requires them to be kind of loud, they’re also okay with that. And if they requires them to be, you know, more confidence and just kind of being able to go with it. They’re okay with that too. Right. So that is Blend our Shapeshifter communicator.

And this is you as the Communication Warrior, where you are standing up nice and tall and you’re able to communicate all of your thoughts, feelings and desires, and you’re able to express yourself the way you want to express yourself. So if you want to express yourself with confidence, you’re able to do that. If you want to express yourself in a way that makes you look like you’re shining and you’re standing out. You can do that. If you want to communicate in a way that you just want to have some quietness, where you just want to draw or paint or something to express yourself through art form. You can do that. You know how to express yourself in your own way that is authentic to you. Because you are the Communication Warrior.

And if you don’t feel like you’re a Communication Warrior yet, that’s okay. Because I’m going to invite you to book a free communication breakthrough session with me by visiting my website That’s where we will discover five obstacles that is stopping you. And one thing that you can do to help you to move forward so that you can start to be confident in communicating your thoughts, feelings and desires without the fear of arguments or criticisms, so that you can have that happy and harmonious relationship with your partner through communication. And the next video, we’re going to be talking about communication styles. So I’ll see you here next time for that.

And in the meantime, go have fun communicating!