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Let’s Play COMMUNICATES (Inspiration)

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing an actual board game, sports, the game of life, or a communication game, who doesn’t want to be inspired or want to inspire?

The definition of inspire means “to make someone feel that they want to do something and can do it”.

You can have a fun and constructive communication with your partner so that you can have a happy and harmonious relationship.

You and your partner can inspire each other to have constructive communication where you can openly communicate your thoughts, feelings, and desires without argument and criticism so that you’re feeling heard and understood.

Relationships are like a garden. Communication is part of that garden.

In order to have a beautiful and plentiful garden you need to tend to it and relationships are the same way.

In your garden you might plant some flowers and vegetables like roses and tomatoes.

The flowers and vegetables grow when they have been properly taken care of such as getting rid of weeds or pests.

It’s the same way with your relationships. For you to create a happy and harmonious relationship you need to cultivate your communication by getting rid of destructive communication.

You can cultivate a fun and constructive communication by being open-minded, willing to listen without judgement, throwing in some humor when appropriate, being supportive, and be inspired or inspire your partner.

You can inspire each other to have a happy and harmonious relationship by cultivating your communication so that it continues to grow and maintain good health.

The truth is that if you don’t cultivate (and continue to cultivate) your communication, then, like weeds that grow in the garden that can kill your flowers and vegetables, destructive communication can cause massive problems.

Destructive communication can smother and kill your relationships.

When communication is destructive with an abundance of arguments, criticism, an unwillingness to listen, this leads to a path of unwillingness to communicate. And when partners no longer want or think they can communicate with each other, then the relationship will deteriorate.

You can choose whether or not you want a happy and harmonious relationship. If you do then one of the important parts to having a happy and harmonious relationship is being able to communicate with one another.

That is the inspiration of cultivating constructive communication.

The truth is that you do have to work on cultivating your communication if you want to grow and have a happy and harmonious personal relationship.

Cultivating your communication doesn’t have to be hard work if you consistently work on it.

Just think of your relationship as your garden and the communication as your plant, flower, or vegetable.

If you want a beautiful relationship like your garden, then you’re going to work on getting rid of destructive communication which is like your weeds in your garden for your communication to grow in a constructive way so that you can continue to have a beautiful relationship with your partner.

You and your partner are inspired and inspire each other to grow your beautiful relationship together by cultivating your communication by removing the weeds of destructive communication so that you can maintain healthy constructive communication no matter the topic of conversation.



Yes, you’re going to need to work on and continue to work on your communication for you to have a happy and harmonious relationship. It’s just like your garden.

It’s about doing your best to inspire and cultivate constructive communication so that you can have a happy and harmonious relationship in your personal communication.

The Objective of the Game

The ‘winning’ objective is that you’re inspired, and you’ve inspired your partner to have constructive communication that supports a happy and harmonious relationship.

There are times that you might still have disagreements, and you and your partner know how to handle it so that it doesn’t lead to destructive communication.

If you managed to inspire communication that you were able to continue to have constructive communication… That’s a win!

If you still have destructive communication at times, and you’re unable to figure out how to change the communication pattern during the heat of your communication, that’s okay. Guess what?

You learned without losing.

Remember there is no losing in this game, only learning.

Learning points in this example might be:

  • What can you do differently so that you can create more constructive communication?
  • Why do you think and feel that destructive communication is occurring in the first place?
  • What can you do better next time?
  • What worked that you could continue to use?

You earn bonus points when you’re bold and step into your authenticity of who you want to portray and have a good balance of holding yourself accountable when it comes to inspiring yourself to cultivate communication in your personal relationship.

This is the Communication Warrior.


You know your way of inspiration… Now Go Play and Have Fun Communicating!

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Warm regards,

Grace CW Liu
Communication Coach & Navigator