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GraceSOULutions Interview With MysticMag

I’m so excited to have been interviewed by MysticMag! This interview focused on my methodology, Communication Styles, and a look into the various ways that I can help you create an environment where your thoughts, feelings, and desires can be seen, heard, and understood by your partner.

Here is an excerpt from the interview:

Grace, your approach at GraceSOULutions focuses on empowering women to find their voice and confidence in communication. How do your methods help individuals overcome barriers that prevent effective and assertive communication, particularly for those who tend to be more quiet, try to people-please, avoid conflicts, fear arguments and criticisms?

At GraceSOULutions the first step is towards understanding their Human Design, they learn when to communicate such as when it’s okay to initiate or perhaps initiate through the way of responding. They learn their authority and strategy according to their Human Design type to help with communication. They have a better understanding of how and why they communicate and strategies that will help them to have a better flow with their communication so that they can have happy relationships that they want.

They also learn other Human Design types towards communication as a general overview.

First and most importantly is that my clients understand their communication in order to start to understand and see patterns of how others communicate.

Effective communication is a key factor in building strong relationships. How do you address the interplay between verbal and non-verbal communication, such as body language and listening skills, to enhance communication strategies for your clients?

Many people would say that energy is all around us and we’re made up of energy.
Therefore, there is energy around communication.

Words have energy. Understanding what words/phrases/sentences can uplift or trigger us based upon our experiences, feelings toward words.

When you understand your energy around words and what was said, you begin to understand how others can also have words that might uplift or trigger them. Words in general are neutral, but because of our own unique experiences, personality, communication styles-those words can then either uplift or trigger us.

Communication styles also play a part in our verbal and non-verbal communication.

Some hear messages and words in communication, others may see images and pictures of the information and message being shared. Some feel the message and others use logic and analyze the message and information that was shared.

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Grace CW Liu
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