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October Soulful Quote Shared From Grace

Last month I wrote about forgiveness.

For the month of October, I chose the topic of fear and mistakes as a follow up.

After choosing to forgive and to letting go of old feelings, habits, and beliefs…the fear of the new and unknown might set in.

Even though we know, deep in our hearts, it is time to let go of our old habits and beliefs that no longer serve us well.

There is a part of us that still wants to hold on because it is familiar, and it makes us feel safe as if we are wrapped up in our security blanket.

There comes a time when we must all let go and throw away our security blanket and find new habits that will serve us better.

This can create a feeling of fear because we are used to our status quo. We know what to expect even though we may not like it, but by changing our habits and beliefs we now have created a world of unknowns.

Let’s be honest, that is scary as H-E-double-L.

We have the fear of making new mistakes, repeated mistakes, and fear of failure even with the new habits and beliefs we are forming.

It is due to our fear of failure and mistakes that stop many of us from living our creative and dream life.

I know I have let the fear of failure and mistakes stop me from living my dream life, but I also know how to befriend it and see it for what it is so that I can work with it to help me to live my dream.

This month I have chosen two quotes because I feel it is really important to understand how our fears stops us from living our dream and going for what we really want in our lives.

“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.”

“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.”


  • What fears do you have that are stopping you from living your dream? (i.e. public speaking, being in a large group, etc.)
  • What are your limiting beliefs that you have about yourself? Be honest. (i.e. I am unworthy, No one is interested in what I have to say, I am unlovable, etc.)
  • If your fears or your limiting beliefs didn’t exist, what would your life look like, what would you be doing? (i.e. travel around the world, skydiving, being a solopreneur/entrepreneur, etc.)
  • What do you love about yourself? (i.e. humor, dependable, generous, etc.)
  • What are your accomplishments? (i.e. bilingual, degrees, awards, etc.)
  • What are your new empowering beliefs about yourself? (i.e. I can overcome any obstacles, I have a great sense of humor, I am caring and nurturing, etc.)

If you feel driven by the dreams and visions of your heart but don’t know where to start,

Contact me here and I’ll get you started on the right path.

Warm regards,
Grace CW Liu
Transition Navigator


Grace CW Liu is an expert Transition Navigator who will help you to navigate through your biggest challenges about yourself when going through your career, relationship, health, or other life transitions.

Through my programs: WORRY Eliminator, Color Code Personality, and Discover Your Sacred Gifts, I teach you how to deliberately use and navigate the program that will get you to live more of your Soul’s purpose.

As a Transition Navigator, I will help you to design, navigate, and manifest the results you want in your life with peace, happiness, ease, and grace. Together we solve your problems so that you create a whole new way of looking at life.