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Today Is Your Day To Be BOLD

In order to be Bold and take bold action steps. You must be willing to be courageous and take a leap of faith by choosing to let go of your old patterns of thinking.

Choose right now to give yourself permission to shift or change your old mindset.

Choose right now to let go of your old beliefs and to choose new beliefs that resonates with you that will lead you to take bold action steps that will lead you to the path you want to go and make better improvements in your life.

The bold choices you choose to make will not be easy at times, but if you choose to stick with them you will be grateful that you did.

You are going to feel at times like you are running a marathon or competing in the Iron man or even climbing Mount Everest.

The first step is to a take bold action by choosing to believe in YOUR NEW BELIEFS that resonate with you. This will lead you to achieving your goals.

Here’s an analogy…in the movie, ‘Peter Pan’. Tinker Bell told Peter Pan that if he didn’t believe in her, then she would die and disappear, and Peter Pan’s goals and dreams die with her. Think of Tinker Bell as your beliefs and if you don’t believe in your beliefs then your goals and dreams will not come to fruition.


  • Shift your mindset: Either your mind is set, or you can set your mind to something different. You can choose to believe in your old beliefs that “you are stuck and no matter what you do nothing works out in your favor” or you can choose to shift your mindset and believe in your new belief that “you are able to make changes easily that benefits you and others.”
  • Write down the Bold Action step that you are going to take: Write down what action you are going to take and by when. Put a date by when you are going to take your action; this way you keep and complete your action as you would with all of your other appointments.
  • Be consistent in believing in your new beliefs: Choose to be consistent in believing in your new beliefs. Your old beliefs have been with you for so long like an old habit and in order to change or break a habit you must be mindful to replace your new beliefs with old beliefs until your new beliefs become your new habit.


Grace CW Liu is an expert Transition Navigator who will help you to navigate through your biggest challenges about yourself when going through your career, relationship, health, and/or life transition.

Here are just some of the benefits you will get when you work with Grace CW Liu,

  • Through my programs: WORRY Eliminator and ColorCode Personality, I teach you how to deliberately use and navigate the program that will get you to live more of your Soul’s purpose.
  • As a Transition Navigator, I will help you to design, navigate, and manifest the results you want in your life with peace, happiness, ease, and grace. Together we solve your problems so that you create a whole new way of looking at life.

My CLIENTS typically are people who:

  • Are in some kind of LIFE TRANSITION
  • FEEL STUCK in their life right now
  • Want MORE in LIFE than what they currently have
  • Need guidance while in CAREER TRANSITION
  • Know they can find a HARMONIOUS RELATIONSHIP
  • Lack energy and WANT TO GAIN VITALITY

I work with my clients to help you select the best program(s) that will meet your pressing needs. Once you have selected the best-fit program for you we will work out a plan that will help you navigate from where you are now, to where you want to go. We will bridge the gap together!

Sessions can be done with one-on-one training or in group training via telephone or Zoom (video conference). You will get both support and accountability when you work with me in order to help you to succeed.

Clients often say this about me: “You may be nice and sweet, but you can also be tough and always put me back on the right track.” And personally, I consider that a great compliment!

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