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May HOOP With Grace

Have you ever felt out of balance? Have you ever felt that your mind, body, spirit, home, or work is out of balance, and that one misstep may tip you over and make you fall? What do you do when you feel this way? What do you do to bring balance back into your life and make everything feel alright again?

We have all felt out of balance one way or another.

We have so many responsibilities and so many things we want to accomplish that it can be difficult to manage.

Sometimes it can feel like we are spinning plates on a stick and we have to constantly keep our eye on everything to make sure that all the plates keep spinning to prevent them from falling.

If we have too many plates spinning and we start to get tired to the point where we can no longer keep up, then the likelihood is that one, a few, or all of the plates will fall.

When we feel we can’t keep up, we’re out of breath, and we’re exhausted from trying so hard, that is the feeling of being out of balance.

We we’re usually already out of balance way before we start to feel it without even realizing it.

When we are out of balance, we feel like we’re tilting, and constantly trying to regain our balance. But we know that at any given time we may fall if we don’t tilt the right way to gain our balance back.

The question you might be asking yourself is, “What does balance have to do with a hoop?”

While I may use a hula hoop as a tool to help me to balance (like physically during my tree pose in yoga), I have also learned more about the meaning of the word balance.

When I feel that I am balanced I feel that the activities that I am doing are more manageable, and there is a feeling of ease and flow.

You might feel the same way; that when you are balanced you feel that activities are manageable, easy, and there is a comfortable flow that moves you along from task to task.

What can we do when we feel out of balance?

We can exercise when we feel our energy is low to bring it back up. We can journal and write down our thoughts and feelings when we feel emotionally low to empty out all of the negative thoughts and feelings to allow positive thoughts and feelings to enter. We can take time to rest such as unplugging from the devices or taking a nap. We can listen to music to uplift our spirits. These activities may help temporarily or long-term depending upon your mood and situation.

Most of the time we are out of balance because we have too many things to do that need to be completed here, there, and everywhere. We try to give our focus, time, and energy to everything and we try to make sure that it is equal throughout. We try to focus the same amount of time and energy to home, work, community, projects, etc. that we end up feeling more out of balance rather than maintaining good balance.

One of the things we can do is to focus on a fewer activities. There might be a lot of things we have to or want to get done, but focusing on a few items at a time will make things seem more manageable.

Another is to avoid thinking too far ahead. As you start to work and complete one of the tasks, don’t think too far ahead to all the other tasks that still need to be completed. It may make you feel like you’re never going to keep up.

Prioritize to do tasks so you can easily focus on one task, and complete complete it then move on to the next task that you want to complete and so on.

Sometimes focusing on the outcome or result that will be achieved may also help. You might not enjoy an activity and it might feel like a chore. This may make you feel out of balance or out of alignment. When you focus on the outcome or result that will make your heart sing it may help to bring balance and alignment back to you.

There might be some activities you want to do, but might feel too tired to complete. So don’t beat yourself up if you don’t complete a task or skip an activity because you’re not up to doing it.

Sometimes we need to get out of our head and follow our heart as to what activities we want to complete or we might want to skip for today.

Give yourself permission to not complete or to skip an activity.

So, after sharing all of this…you’re probably still wondering “what does this have to do with a hula hoop?”

As I mentioned earlier I can use my hula hoop to help me to balance as part of my physical exercise. Sometimes I am so busy that I don’t have time to hula hoop.

I might want to hula hoop, but after doing some of my other important tasks I am just too tired and don’t feel like hula hooping.

When the hula hoop is not going to make my heart sing that day I give myself permission to skip it and not to overthink it so I can be in my place of balance.

What I learned was…

Stop overthinking. One of the best ways to obtain balance is to follow your heart. Choose a few tasks (no more than three) you want to do. Focus on what you want to do and complete those tasks. Allow breaks when you feel you need it.

By choosing the tasks you are following your heart. When you do tasks because you are obligated to do them, then you are being led by your brain which can lead to imbalance due to overthinking.

When you do activities led by your heart you will feel more at balance.

The moral of this story is…

Balance comes from within by following your heart. Choose a few activities (no more than three at a time) to focus on that which comes from your heart and not your head. Give yourself permission to take breaks. Allow yourself to skip activities if it feels it is led by your head and not your heart. When something comes from your heart it won’t feel like a chore, but rather it will give off energy, flow, and the feeling of balance.

I enjoy hooping, but I give myself permission to skip it when my heart isn’t in it. I have gone days without hooping and when I feel guilty about it, I know the guilt is coming from my head and not from the heart. When I hoop with my heart, I can feel the balance and flow of my hula hooping. When I hula hoop because I should, I don’t feel the flow and I end up feeling more frustrated and imbalance with my hoop.


Follow your heart and get out of the head. Stop overthinking and follow your heart to allow the flow and balance to occur.

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Warm regards,
Grace CW Liu
Transition Navigator


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