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Communicating With Confidence | Sensitive Communication Tips

Hi, Grace here, and welcome to Sensitive Communication Tips.

So, each of the videos, we’ll start off with one of the letters to do with the word communicates. So we’re going to start with the letter C, in the word communicates. And so what does the letter C stand for? Communicate with confidence. So here are some tips to help you to communicate with confidence.

Tip number one smile. So when we are nervous or shy, sometimes we forget to smile, our face actually tightens up. However, when we smile, we not only brighten up the person’s day, the room, we also brighten ourselves up. And when we brighten ourselves up, we naturally will feel confidence. So remember, no matter if you’re shy, or if you’re nervous, just smile. Because when you smile, you brighten up the day, you brighten up the person’s day, the room, and you. So tip number one, smile.

Tip number two, stand with confidence. So what do we mean by that stand up straight, not only does standing up straight help with the posture, and I’m sure you have heard somebody during your lifetime “stand up straight!” So again, it’s not only good for the posture, but when you stand up straight, you also will gain confidence, I stand at five feet two inches tall, but when I stand up straight, I feel just as tall as the person I’m talking to. And sometimes the people I talk to are six feet two inches tall. So when I stand up straight, I feel just as tall as the six feet two inches per tall person that I’m speaking to. So stand up straight, because that will boost up your confidence.

And tip number three, speak clearly. So I know some of you are fast talkers. And definitely there’s nothing wrong with being a fast talker. As long as you’re speaking clearly. However, just be aware that not everybody has a very fast processing speed. So while you might be talking fast, and you know what you’re talking about, the person that’s listening to you has to process what you are saying and they may not be able to process it fast enough. And sometimes that can cause some confusion or some misunderstanding. Having said that, you don’t want to speak too slow either. Because then again, that might bore the person. So it’s finding the right speed, finding the right comfort rate– comfortable rate for you to speak at. So as long as you’re comfortable with the speaking rate that you are communicating, then that will help to boost your confidence because then you’re going at your own comfortable rate. And when you do that, naturally, you’ll probably just feel confident.

So those are the three tips. Tip one smile, tip two stand up straight, and tip three, speak clearly. So I hope you found these tips to be helpful. And if you did, you can always feel free to visit my website That’s to book a free communication breakthrough session with me on how you can improve your personal communication, no matter who you are communicating with or the situation you are communicating in.

Thank you for being here. I look forward to seeing you here next time. Bye for now!