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July HOOP With Grace

What does it meant to be a warrior when you don’t feel like one? What does it take to be a warrior? How can you become a warrior?

One of the yoga poses is called the Warrior Pose. This got me thinking, “What does it means to be a warrior?”

What does the word “warrior” mean to you?

Who do you think of when you hear the word “warrior”? Is it a superhero? A regular person who stood up for their beliefs? A person who stood up for you? Are you the ‘warrior’?

And what does a hoop have to do with being a warrior, you might ask? Good question!

There are times that as much as I try to maneuver my body and hoop (which is known as “HoopYoga”) that I don’t feel much like a warrior.

There are times that, no matter how much I try, things just don’t seem to work out. And rather than feeling like a warrior I feel more like this…

I felt like giving up. I felt defeated and say “I quit. That’s it, I’m done.”

Maybe you have felt that way as well.

The question is, how do we keep going when we want to quit and we feel so defeated?

Some people might cheer you on or you cheer yourself on, “Keep going, that’s it, you can do it!”
Some people might bully you or you bully yourself, “Come on, you can do it!”
Some people might sympathize, “I know it’s hard, but you can do it!”
Some people might say or internalize, “Keep your eyes on your prize (your dream)” to help you keep your motivation going and keep you moving forward.

Sometimes the cheering, bullying, or sympathizing may help, but it doesn’t always work.

Another question is, what stops us from feeling like, or even becoming the “warrior” that we’re meant to be?
Usually it’s fear that stops us from becoming warriors.
Which fear is it? Is it the fear of failure? Is it the fear of standing out? Standing up for up for ourselves? Is it the fear of being made fun of? Fear of conflict? Guilt? Or blame?
For some it might be just one of these fears, for some it can be a few or all of these, and for others it might be a completely different fear.

The final question, is how do we befriend our fear so we can become a warrior?
That’s a very good question.

Some people suggest befriending your fear through gratitude. When you focus on what you are grateful for you are mindful of all the good things in life and distract yourself away from your fears.

Others suggest thinking of fear as false evidence appearing to be real. Realize that fear is all in our mind and that it is not real. Fear is an illusion.

Some say turn your fear into stepping stone. Taking one small step at a time towards your dream.
Some people use this mantra to help them to take the small step, “Let your faith be bigger than your fear” which means feed your faith and starve your fear.

The moral of this story is…

It’s not easy to be a warrior, and yet there is a warrior in all of us when we choose to be the one. We choose to be the warrior when we choose to befriend our fear and let our faith to be bigger than our fear.

We have all felt like quitting or have felt defeated at one time or another. I certainly have. There are times when fear may have gotten the better of us. (Fear has certainly gotten the better of me on numerous occasions!) And yet we’ve found some way to keep going and doing what was needed to achieve our goals and dreams. I am still on my path and continuing on…


Befriend your fear when it shows up. Believe you are a warrior, and your warrior self will show up.

Here is a picture of me in my warrior pose with my hoop.

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Warm regards,
Grace CW Liu
Transition Navigator


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