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December HOOP With Grace

What are your thoughts on giving and receiving? Do you find it easier to give than to receive or vice versa? What are your feelings towards giving and receiving (gifts, compliments, money, etc.)?

Many countries will be celebrating in December and some will celebrate by wishing each other Happy (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and so forth) while others may exchange gifts or give donations to charities.

December to me is a month about giving and receiving which is the perfect way to end this blog series for 2021.

Throughout 2021 I provided content about “How One Obtains Peace (HOOP)” and you probably have figured out how my hula hoops fit into my content.

I have received great feedback from you about my blog stories as well.

The best way to create a good balance and flow is to create a balance of giving and receiving.

You might be asking yourself, What does a hula hoop have to do with giving and receiving?

I’m glad you asked.

I invite you to picture this…
Imagine that your hula hoops are a great value to you. You gave all of your hoops away because of guilt or wanting to make people happy, and then you were left none. How would you feel?

I am guessing that you might feel sad and feel like you weren’t meant to have any hula hoops which can lead you down a path of poverty thinking.

Poverty thinking that it is wrong or bad to want to keep one hula hoop when others don’t have one, or there aren’t enough hula hoops to go around, and hula hoops are expensive so it may be a long time until you can own another one.

And this can lead to…

Imagine this… Let’s say you received all the hula hoops! Yes, you might be happy because now you have lots of hula hoops; however, this can also lead to a path of greed.

Greed that wants more because you feel you don’t have enough hula hoops to satisfy all the tricks and dance moves you want to do, and you’re afraid to give or share your hula hoops because you may not get them back or receive any more.

Hopefully through the images you can see that giving or receiving too much or too little creates an unbalance flow and leaves you feel stuck.

Creating a balance of giving and receiving creates a nice balance flow of things coming and going consistently like a well-run water wheel.

When you have and are in a good balance of giving and receiving, then you will be able to maintain a happy and peaceful state of giving and receiving.

You are in peace knowing and understanding that there is a continuous flow of coming and going that never stops and thus an abundance of flow continues with ease.

The moral of this story is…

Create a balance of giving and receiving. Don’t be afraid or feel guilty about receiving and end up giving too much because of guilt. Don’t let poverty thinking or greed get the best of you and convince you that you only want to receive and not give because you are afraid of not having enough.

There is no sadness, guilt, worry, anxiety, or fear of not having enough when you are balanced. There is always enough when you are in a balanced flow of giving and receiving.


You can create a balanced flow of giving and receiving just like a well-run water wheel. The water wheel picks up (receives) the right amount of water and dumps (gives away) the right amount of water, thus creating a continuous balanced flow with ease.

I love giving and receiving so much… that there will be new monthly blog series coming in 2022!

Yes! I will be providing and giving out new content because I love to hear and receive feedback of what you love and what to add.

If you are driven to taking care of you and to being heard, then

Contact me here and I’ll get you started on the right path.

Warm regards,
Grace CW Liu
Transition Navigator


Grace CW Liu is an expert Transition Navigator who will help you to navigate through your biggest challenges about yourself when going through your career, relationship, health, or other life transitions.

Through my programs: WORRY Eliminator, Color Code Personality, and Discover Your Sacred Gifts, I teach you how to deliberately use and navigate the program that will get you to live more of your Soul’s purpose.

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