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August HOOP With Grace

What do you do to celebrate yourself? How often do you celebrate you? Do you celebrate yourself for every good thing you do, or for your accomplishments?

I am all about celebrating this month because it is my birthday month! Woo hoo!
I am a year older, and a year wiser.

I am all for wisdom!

Being that this month is my birthday month, it got me thinking about celebrations.
We celebrate on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc.

How many of us celebrate every day? Do you celebrate every day?

There are plenty of things to celebrate that we do every day. The celebrations don’t have to be big or elaborate. We can all celebrate just by doing small things to treat ourselves.
I think sometimes we become so busy that we forget to celebrate us.

You’re probably wondering what does hula hooping have to do with celebrations anyway?!

Here is a picture of me not in a celebrating mood and totally ignoring my beautiful hoop even though it is clearly there.

You are doing the same thing with you.

Think about all the activities and tasks you did, and you ignored how hard or what wonderful work you did for that day. It’s as if you ignored yourself and your accomplishments that you made on that day

Focus on the activities or tasks that you got done rather than thinking about the activities and tasks that you didn’t finish, or all the mistakes you made. When you focus on all the activities and tasks that you got done on that day, you realize there are plenty of things you can celebrate.

The other part is also celebrate all you (and I mean all of you). The good, bad, and ugly. We all have the good, bad, and ugly, and that includes me. It makes up who we are, and all of these parts can be transmuted depending on the situation.

The good can be transmuted to the bad and ugly, and the bad and ugly can be transmuted to good depending on the situation and what we do to transmute these parts.

Here is an example of this: Nurturing is usually good, but too much of it can feel like smothering to another person. Aggression is bad, but with the right tone and words it can feel more like being assertive which is not a bad thing. Losing your temper can be ugly, but when you learn from it and learn how to be more patient, then you have transmuted it to become a good thing.

Coming to a full hooping circle… It’s all about celebrating you (all of you) every day because life is short, so why not celebrate you for all you have accomplished on that day because no two days are ever exactly alike.

Here is a picture of me celebrating me with my hoop!

One of the ways I celebrate me, and my day is hoop dancing, baby!

You have heard the saying, “Time flies; it flies never to be regained.”

Enjoy every moment because the moment will never repeat itself. The moments may appear similar at times, but it is never the same.

The moral of this story is…

Celebrate you every day. Small simple celebrations are all that is needed such as giving yourself a pat on the back, buying yourself a small inexpensive gift, or shouting out loud, “You rock!”

The fact is we don’t live forever, so it’s time to celebrate our lives every single day that we are living. Even on bad days, there is a little something to celebrate such as the fact you survived your bad day, and tomorrow will be better.


This day will pass, you wake up to a new day, and each day is different in its own way. Take time to celebrate you each day because you deserve it.

I am sing along to the song “Celebration” by Lionel Richie and the Commodores.

All this talk and singing about celebrating got me going so I am taking off to do some celebrating of my own!

If you are driven to taking care of you and to being heard, then

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Warm regards,
Grace CW Liu
Transition Navigator


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