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Do you know your style of communication?

What is your preferred style of communication?

What is the style of communication of the person or people you communicate with?

Are you able to communicate with people with all different communication styles or do you have difficulty with communicating with people with certain communication styles? Why or why not?

Usually when we talk about style we generally think about clothes.

There are numerous different styles of clothing and generally we tend to pick the styles that goes with our personality or make us feel most comfortable.

There are also communication styles and you’re likely to lean towards a communication style that fits your personality and one that you’re most comfortable with.

Generally speaking, there are four types of communication styles.

There is the auditory, visual, kinesthetic and auditory digital.

The auditory uses words such as listen and hear.

The visual uses words such as see and picture.

The kinesthetic uses words such as touch and feel.

The auditory digital uses words such as think and analyze.

Depending upon your background, culture, your communication teachers (parents, grandparents, family), and so forth there are other factors that may also potentially influence your communication style.

There are too many factors to include in this blog article that might create greater confusion.

So, for now we’re just going to focus on the four communication styles.

Why is it important to know the four communication styles?

Sometimes by using the same words in a communication style as the person you are speaking with may help to establish a better rapport and connection.

By speaking the same words and using the same communication style you might feel like you and the other person are speaking the same language rather than speaking a different language.

By speaking the same language or in this case communication style you can also help reduce or eliminate communication breakdown.

Wouldn’t you like to feel more connected with the person if the person spoke the same words or language as you did rather than his or her own words or language?

Here are four styles of communication:

Style #1 Auditory

Prefers to listen and likes to use words such as hear and listen in communication.

Style #2 Visual

Prefers to read or see images and likes to use words such as see and picture in communication.

Style #3 Kinesthetic

Prefers physical movements and likes to use words such as touch and feel in communication.

Style #4 Auditory Digital

Prefers logic and likes to use words such as think and analyze in communication.

The next time you are in a communication situation, and you want to know the communication style of the person you are communicating with, just remember AVKA .




Auditory Digital

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