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Deep Dive on Expressing Yourself | Sensitive Communication Tips

Hi there, this is Grace, and welcome to Sensitive Communication Tips.

So today we’re going to do a Deep Dive on Expressing Yourself. And again, expressing yourself. And this case is about nonverbal communication. And with nonverbal communication, we’re talking about facial expression, and body language.

So facial expression is all about the face. So the common ones are when we see someone smile, or when you’re smiling, usually it means that you’re happy, or you’re just in a pleasant mood. When you see someone frowning, or when you’re frowning, it could be either that you’re sad, or perhaps you’re really angry, they’re really scrunching up the face. And then you know, the eyes, right, when your like, eyes are popped out, like if you’re in a surprise. So those are some of the common ones. There are many different facial expressions that one can show and as well as the body language.

And with the body language, it’s all about the hands, the tension of the muscles from the neck, down. It’s about the body positioning, posture, as well as feet positioning. And because I’m on video, you can only see me pretty much from chest up. So you really can’t see how my feet is planted or and what direction they are facing. But usually, if you know you’re talking to someone and their feet or one of their foot is planted, facing the door, usually now might be a subtle hint that that person wants to start walking away from that conversation. You might see some people in a lot of cases, crossing their arms or putting their hands or arms in front of their body. So almost like they’re protecting themselves. So it’s like a wall. And then you have some people who like to talk with their hands. And in this case, someone like me, who likes to talk with their hands, especially maybe for emphasis, or for– to help to get the thoughts flowing, of what they want to talk about. And again, with hand gestures, we need to be careful because a hand gesture might be okay for one country. But it might have a different meaning in a different country.

So just be aware of that as well as like eye contact. Again, the facial part and sometimes the subtlety is that sometimes some people might look off to the side, depending upon which side it could either be that they’re trying to make up a story. Or they’re trying to recall, some memory to share. And I know there’s a lot of experts out there all about body language that’s all they really do is they study all these different body language to understand these little subtleties of the shifting of the eye or the shifting of the body. So, I’m only just giving a very brief overview of the different possibilities.

However, if you would like to know more about body language, I suggest that you go and do some research on your own, look at some YouTube videos or read on some books because there’s a lot of components to the body language. But generally we can see the person’s expression just based on an overall general vibe. And that would be just the facial expression itself, you know, a smile or frown. As well as the body of you know, usually we can understand that in general. Also might cross their arm, they’re in defense or putting up a wall. These type of general body language we might, understanding, use our selves when we’re talking to someone. However, again, if you truly want to understand about how the person is reacting or responding to you in a conversation, and you want to really understand it, by looking at the subtleties, then I suggest you do more research because there’s a lot out there and a lot of components, a lot of subtle gestures that you might miss unless you really look at it carefully and closely.

So I hope you found this to be helpful. Well, if you would like to know more about how you can have more of a effective and effortless communication in your own personal communication, then please visit my website that’s to see how you can book a FREE communication session with me. I look forward to seeing you here again next time.

Take care. Bye for now!