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Express Yourself | Sensitive Communication Tips

Hi there, this is Grace and welcome to Sensitive Communication Tips. So today we’re going to talk about Express Yourself. Now in communication, it’s not just about the words or, you know, the tone of voice, and all that. Part of communication is also nonverbal communication. And so with nonverbal communication, how one can express themselves is through Facial Expression, and Body Language. So those are two ways that one can express themselves through nonverbal communication that, again, is one Facial Expression, and two Body Language. Of course, there’s other ways to express yourselves, you know, through dance, music, art, whatever it may be on the creative side. However, with communication, we’re talking about nonverbal communication, and that would be using facial expression and body language to express yourself. So that’s a quick short overview of expressing yourself through nonverbal communication. On the next video, I’m going to do more of a deep dive on expressing yourself through nonverbal communication. So I hope you found this to be helpful. And I look forward to seeing here again next time when I do more of a deep dive. If you would like to know more about how you can work with me to create a more effective and effortless communication in your personal communication, then visit my website, That’s to see how you can book a FREE communication breakthrough session with me. Thank you for being here. I look forward to seeing you here again next time. Take care. Bye for now!