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Hi there, this is Grace, and welcome to Sensitive Communication Tips.

So before I jump into today’s topic, I want to do a quick review of all the letters in the word COMMUNICATES.

So I use the acronym COMMUNICATES, and took apart each of the letters to represent what is needed– all the components that is needed to have an effective communication. So let’s start with the letter C, and the word communicates.

The letter C stands for confidence. The letter O stands for opinion, the first M in the word communicates, stands for messages, and in this case, hidden messages. The second M in the word communicates, stands for monitor feelings. The letter U stands for understanding, and in this case, uncover misunderstanding. The letter N in the word communicates stands for nurture feelings. The letter I stands for ideas. The letter C in the word communicates stands for cherish relationship. The letter A stands for attention. The letter T stands for tone of voice. The letter E in the word communicates stands for express yourself. And in this case, express yourself in nonverbal communication. And the letter S in the word communicates stands for style.

So usually when we think about style, we’re thinking about fashion, right? Like what do people usually like to wear such as business casual, Boho, jeans and T shirt. But there’s also styles to communication.

Now there are four very common styles of communication, there might be more. So feel free to do your research. However, of the four common basic communication styles are the auditory, visual, kinesthetic and auditory digital.

So auditory communicators tend to hear the words so they might just use words such as hear and listen, where the visual communicator tends to maybe see images. So as you’re talking to a visual communicator, they might start to see images. So they tend to use words such as see picture and image. The kinesthetic is all about touch and feel. So they are going to use words such as touch, feel, and sense. And then the auditory digital tends to be the thinkers. So they will tend to use words such as think, logic, analyze. So those are the four common communication styles, again, auditory visual, kinesthetic, and auditory digital.

And the next video we’re going to do a deep dive of now what are you going to do now that you know these communication styles. So I’ll go more into that in the next video.

So I hope you found this to be helpful. If you would like to create more of an effective and effortless communication in your personal communication, then please visit my website. That’s to see how you can book a free communication session with me. Thank you for being here. I look forward to seeing you here again next time.

Take care, bye for now!