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What does cherishing relationship mean to you in regards to communication?

What ways do you cherish relationships with the people you communicate with?

What ways do you feel the people you communicate with cherish relationship with you?

In one of the trainings I attended, there was a speaker, Jeremy Daniel, who once said,

“You are 100% responsible for your relationship.”

You might agree or disagree with this statement.

Just realize that you can choose to have a good relationship or not. So, in a way you are responsible for your relationship. If you believe that you have a choice and you have control over having a good relationship or not, then you are and can be 100% responsible for your relationship.

Being responsible for your relationship and wanting to have a good relationship because you cherish it with specific people takes work.

Anytime you have to take care of something, or someone means you have to nurture it and make sure it’s effectively taken care of.

In one of my previous blog articles, I talked about nurture feelings and tips to nurture feelings in your communication. Nurture feelings is one of the ways to cherish relationships.

You show you cherish relationships by the words you use.

Think about what words you say in your communication when you are happy, sad, anxious, angry…

Are the words kind or critical and unconstructive?

Does the conversation you have with a person often lead to arguments? Why? Is it due to the lack of nurturing and the words being said within the conversation?

You can show the people you communicate with that you cherish relationship by having more constructive communication through nurturing and word choice.

Here are five tips that you can use that might help to show that you cherish relationship through words in your communication:


Tip #1 W-Wisdom

Your words have power so use it wisely. Use your wisdom when sharing your words.

Tip #2 O-Open

Be open to listening without judgement or the need to respond or reply. Validate what the other person has said by repeating it. It doesn’t mean you agree or disagree with what they said, it just means that you listened and heard.

Tip #3 R-Responsible

You are 100% responsible for your relationship. You have a choice in the words you say and the ways you nurture your relationships.

Tip #4 D-Deliberate

Be mindful of the words that are being spoken. Know the exact words you are saying and don’t just say the words that come into your head, especially during heated arguments.

Tip #5 S-Speak

Speak to each other not at each other. Allow each person to speak and finish his or her statement so no one is interrupted. Use a timer if necessary.

The next time you are in a communication situation, and you want show that you cherish relationship in your communication, just remember WORDS.






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