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Cherish Relationships | Sensitive Communication Tips

Hi there, this is Grace and welcome to Sensitive Communication Tips.

So in this video, I am going to be sharing tips about Cherishing Relationships in your communication. Couple of months ago, I talked about nurturing feelings and your communication, that is part of cherishing relationship. However, in this video, I’m talking about being responsible in your relationship.

So a while ago, I attended a webinar and one of the speakers, his name was Jeremy Daniels, he made a statement. And he said, “You are 100% responsible for your relationship.” Now you can agree or disagree with his statement, however, I am going to invite you to agree with the statement that you are 100% responsible in your relationship in your communication towards yourself and others.

Because if you are willing to take on that you are 100% responsible in your relationship, and how you communicate. What you say can make a big difference in your relationship to yourself and others. Think about the words that you say to yourself, the thoughts that you have towards yourself, and also towards others. And if you are willing to be 100% responsible, then you– that means that you are willing to take on the task of doing all the necessary activities that will help your communication to be constructive and more in a positive learning aspect towards yourself and with others. So if you are willing to be responsible, also realize that the person that you’re speaking to, it could be another person or to a group of people, each of those people that you are speaking to, must also be willing to take on the task that they are 100% responsible for the relationship. Because if the person that you’re speaking to is not willing to take on the responsibility of that 100%– responsibility of the relationship, then you’re going to have conflict. You might be willing to meet that person halfway or be willing to compromise and do whatever it takes, because you feel you are 100% responsible in that relationship.

So, you are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that the relationship is built up. However, if the person you are speaking to or the group of people you’re speaking to, is not willing to take on the 100% responsibility in relationship, he or she or the group is not going to necessarily be willing to meet you halfway or do what it takes. Because the blaming might happen, or the person might step away, shut down.

And so, then there’s not going to be any movement, in that conversation. So if each person is willing to take on, that he or she is 100% responsible in the communication for building relationship, then each person is going to be willing to do what it takes, perhaps that’s to compromise, or being mindful of what is being said, you know, careful of the body gestures or facial expressions, whatever it might be, so that their conversation can continue to move forward in a constructive way.

So, I also like to think about cherishing relationship using the acronym WORDS. Now I’m just going to talk real quick about what each of the letters mean. And then in the next video, I’ll deep– I’ll do a little bit more of a deep dive explaining what each of those components are. So just real quick, for me, cherishing relationship is all about words.

So using the acronym WORDS, I broke down the tips to help maintain and cherish the relationship in your communication. So starting with the letter W in WORDS, W stands for wisdom. The letter O, in WORDS stands for Open, and I’ll go into more details about my meaning of the word open. And then the letter R in WORDS stands for Responsibility. Again, it means you are willing to take on that you are 100%, responsible, in the relationship. And in this case, the relationship in your communication. The letter D in WORDS stands for Deliberate. And then the letter S in WORDS stands for Speak. And again, I will go more in details about what all of these words that I just said, what they actually all mean. What wisdom means what the open the– and I talked a little bit about responsibility, what being deliberate means, and what do I mean by speak? So, be sure to check that out in a couple of weeks of the deep dive into cherishing relationship, in your communication to learn more about the acronym WORDS.

And in the meantime, if you found the tips to be helpful, and you would like to know more about how you can have effective and effortless communication in your personal communication, please feel free to visit my website, That’s To learn more about how you can book a free communication breakthrough session with me. And I look forward to seeing you here again next time.

Take care. Thank you for being here. Bye for now!