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Deep Dive on Sharing Ideas | Sensitive Communication Tips

Hi there, this is Grace, and welcome to Sensitive Communication Tips. So today we’re doing a Deep Dive on Sharing Your Ideas. And then in the last video, I talked about ideas, and cultivating, you know, planning, doing all the necessary actions, whatever you can do to help to bring your idea into reality. And not all ideas are going to work. Of course, just like when you’re planting, in the last video, I talked about the sunflower.

So it’s just like when the sunflower or sometimes you can do all the necessary steps and everything but the sunflower may just not grow or grow very short. So– and that can happen with your ideas, and it may just become a reality somewhat, but then at the same time, the– some of your ideas may not become a reality at all, and that’s okay. It’s not a bad– it was not because it was due to a bad idea, or something that you could have done, or should have done better or anything like that. It’s just some ideas are not meant to be just like sometimes, plants and flowers just are not meant to grow. So, and just realize that you know just because one idea didn’t work doesn’t mean another idea won’t work, right? Another idea might come to you and then in that case that idea might become a reality. And it actually turned out to be better then what you had originally wanted the idea to work. So again, I like to view it as no idea is a bad idea or stupid idea or an idiotic idea, right?

So I gave three tips when regarding to ideas, it’s see no stupid, hear no stupid, speak no stupid, right? Because what you see is not stupid. What you hear is not stupid when what you say is not stupid. It just may not be the right idea. And it’s not because, again, it’s a stupid idea. It’s just something else may come along that’s better or some– and some other ideas may keep popping up that just doesn’t work. And but then later on you find a way to make it work.

And speaking of which, by the time you watch this video, the next day will be my husband’s birthday. So speaking about ideas, I am now thinking of ideas to celebrate my husband’s birthday. And there have been some ideas that I’ve had in the past that did not work. Now it wasn’t a stupid idea. But it just didn’t work. Given my husband’s personality and everything. So one idea that I had way back when, I took my husband to a restaurant called The Melting Pot. Now if you’ve ever been to a Melting Pot well then you know it’s like a fondue thing. And the atmosphere is nice, it’s very lovely. And– but it’s a fondue restaurant where you basically cook some of your own meal they give you a pot, you have cheese and you know oil for the for the meat and vegetables that cheeses were the bread and some of the vegetables and then the chocolate for like the dessert and stuff and you also get a salad. Well, I took my husband to the Melting Pot for a nice birthday meal and of course I paid for our meal. And you know I was working at that time as you know speech therapist in the hospital, so I was paid very well and treated my husband to the Melting Pot. Well later on down the line my husband has found the receipt for The Melting Pot and when he saw it, he’s like you we– you paid how much for this meal? It’s it he was appreciative that was a nice meal, but he goes why would you want to pay this amount of money when, you know, to cook your own food? You know we you could have easily gotten all the ingredients cooked a meal at home and we could have been could have had a nice birthday meal at home. Pay much less than going to a restaurant. But I understand and it’s not that my husband is frugal, but he’s economical. And I can understand that while he did enjoy, and we both did enjoy eating at The Melting Pot. Please understand, nothing against The Melting Pot. I would personally like to go there again. Perhaps with a group of friends, like girlfriends or what have you. Or even take my mom or something because we enjoy those type of ambience and all that stuff, where– but my husband just can’t fathom of paying that amount of money to cook your own food. So that his way of thinking now that’s his, you know, idea of you know, where money is better spent, right? So it’s not a bad idea, again, not a stupid idea. And going to The Melting Pot when I took him for, you know, a meal, I didn’t feel it was a stupid idea or bad idea. Now, some of you might say, Yeah, you know, you could have saved money, you could have gone to something, some other places that will be a far better place. And let me be a little bit cheaper or what have you.

Everybody has their own ideas, right? And the whole idea is, you might have from your own experience, someplace you would recommend or go to that might be a little bit better. Or some of you might say, Yeah, I’ve been to The Melting Pot. I’ve been there very few times, or so many times, whatever it may be, and say it’s well worth it, you know, to kind of spoil yourself, right? So everybody has that idea. And it’s all different. And that’s good. That’s what makes it interesting. Because obviously, there are some people that do enjoy going to those fondue restaurants, otherwise, there wouldn’t be any Melting Pot restaurants. Obviously, you know, some people do enjoy that. And so the people that go to experience it and have a great experience, and the people that came up with that idea, obviously are also making some profit. So what might sound like a bad idea, to one person might actually be a good idea to, to another person. So that’s why I say there are no bad ideas, no stupid ideas, right? That’s why I keep stressing about that. So again, I always come with a mindset when regarding to ideas, because it’s so individualized in some ways, that it’s all about, you know, seeing no stupid hearing no stupid and speaking, no stupid. So, I now know one idea that is not going to work to celebrate my husband’s birthday. What does work usually as having some close family or friends, to have a nice meal with them. You know, my husband can celebrate his birthday. Now, his family is obviously away in Scotland. So I’m hoping that perhaps one day, we can get onto a video call and have my husband meet and talk to his family over the video. And, of course, not as good as person to person. But at least everybody can kind of see each other. So I’ve been trying to work on that for a while. But because of the time differences and everybody’s own schedule, and everything we’ll have to see.

So anyway, so that is all about sharing ideas in communication. And again, don’t feel like you have to share your ideas, if you don’t want to with the other person. But if you do share your ideas, don’t be embarrassed by your idea. And the person– and the person who is listening to the idea. Don’t be so quick to judge whether an idea is good or bad, right? Perhaps there are some good questions, you know, that you might be thinking about. And you could certainly ask that person, you know, about certain aspects of it, that the first– than the other person may not have thought off. However, with the, you know, brainstorming, the sharing and everything. It can make the idea maybe even better, so we can make that into a reality. Again, come with a mindset of there’s no bad ideas, no stupid ideas. And when you’re hearing an idea come with a mindset of being no stupid ideas, no bad ideas, that everybody can just have this freedom of brainstorming to help each other to bring the idea hopefully into reality to benefit all.

Alright, so I hope you enjoyed today’s deep dive on sharing ideas in communication. If you have any ideas or suggestions or anything you would love to share, then please feel free to do so I only ask that you are respectful, kind and supportive. And if you would like to know more about me Here’s what I do, please feel free to visit my website at That’s so that you can book a free session strategy session with me on Communication Breakthrough to help you develop a more effective and effortless communication in your personal communication. So, thank you for being here. I look forward to seeing you here again next time. Take care. Bye for now.