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Deep Dive on Cherishing Relationships | Sensitive Communication Tips

Hi there, this is Grace, and welcome to Sensitive Communication Tips.

So, in today’s video, we are going to do a Deep Dive on Cherishing Relationships in your communication. A couple of weeks ago, I gave you some tips on cherishing relationship and your communication.

So just a quick recap, I invited you to take on that “you are 100% responsible in your relationship,” and in this case in your communication. And I also then gave you my take on cherishing relationship using the acronym WORDS. So today we’re going to talk a little bit more about what WORDS stand for.

So real quick, the letter W stands for Wisdom. And what I think about it is that, you know, words have power. So, there’s two ways you can think about wisdom; using your words wisely, since words have power, or using your wisdom, to share, to educate, with other people, so that everybody can get the benefit from your wisdom. So that’s my take on the word wisdom there. Again, words have power, so knowing what words to use. So again, using your words wisely, and then also wisdom, you have plenty of wisdom. So, you know, be sure to share and educate others with your wisdom, so that everybody can get the benefit.

Now, the letter O, for me means Open, and I left it open, because depending upon the situation, or the person you’re speaking with, there– you might need to be willing just to be open, open minded, or open to just to listen, again, not respond and not react, but just to listen. Be open just to listen to the to the person all the way through before, perhaps, sharing your opinion. So again, open, open to opinions. So, O can also be Observation, you observe the situation. And then you can decide how you want to proceed. And the communication based on the observation you made. So O, it’s just Open, again, is just open minded. It can be open to listening, it can be open to opinions, and it can be O, for observation.

And then R means Responsibility. And again, it means to be willing to take on that you are 100% responsible in your relationship, and in your relationship to how you communicate to yourself and in the relationship in how you communicate with others. So, if everyone is willing to take on that responsibility, then perhaps the communication then can move forward in more of a constructive way, as a learning opportunity rather than a destructive way. So, we want the communication to be constructive. So, if everyone is willing to take on that each person is 100% responsible in the relationship, including communication, then that means that each person is willing to do what it takes in the communication, whether it’s compromise, whether it’s just to listen or to just be there, whatever it is, so that the communication can be constructive.

And then the letter D for WORDS stands for Deliberate. That means be mindful of the words you are saying. Be mindful of your facial expression, body language, tone of voice that you are using in your communication. Be deliberate so that the person can understand what it is that you are communicating to them. So again, be mindful. That’s being deliberate, when you’re being mindful you are being deliberate in your delivery by their words. Your tone of voice body language facial expressions.

And then S, the letter S in WORDS stands for Speak. So many times, and myself included, sometimes, you know, we might tend to speak at the person rather than to the person. So, you know, let’s speak to the person and not at the person. That means not speaking behind the person’s back, not speaking on top of the other person by interrupting them, not letting them finish. So, let’s learn all together, every one of us, myself included, to speak to each other and not at each other. So that’s my take on how to cherish relationships, and communication. If you would like to learn more about how you can create and develop more of a effortless effective communication in your personal communication, then please feel free to visit my website,

That’s  to see how you can book a free Communication Breakthrough Session with me. I look forward to seeing you here again next time. Thank you for being here. Take care. And if there are any tips or suggestions you would like to share, please feel free to do so I only ask that you when you’re sharing or posting or commenting that it is respectful, kind and supportive.

And so thank you for being here. Take care. Bye for now!