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Let’s Play COMMUNICATES (Overcoming Obstacles)

When playing any game, you will come across some obstacles or challenges to overcome.

Even in the game of life, there have been times that you had to overcome obstacles or challenges because if everything was smooth sailing (as much as we think we want this), we would become bored and restless.

Do you remember playing any obstacle course game where you had to do challenging activities as you went throughout the course?

Of course, if there are too many obstacles or challenges that come our way, we wouldn’t mind if something went right to help us breathe through life a little easier.

And so just like in the game of life where there are obstacles and challenges, it’s the same way with the Communicates Warrior Game.

Sometimes general communication or a conversation will go smoothly or go better than expected, and at one point or another you will have to overcome obstacles or challenges in your communication.

No one can or will escape obstacles including heads of state, CEOs, CFOs, department leaders, etc.

What you do and how you overcome obstacles is how you play the Communicates Warrior game.

You can overcome obstacles by running and hiding.

You can choose to use humor if appropriate.

You can scrap it and start over by pivoting or rephrasing or delivering your message through a different tone or angle.

You can overcome obstacles by holding your composure or show your fiery side.

The obstacles that can occur in communication usually have to do with one of these areas:

  • Sharing ideas
  • Sharing opinions (differing opinions)
  • Differing perceptions
  • Judgement
  • And words and messages given by an individual.

Are you going to be a confident communicator that openly shares your ideas, opinions and perceptions while choosing the right words and messages? Will you be inclusive or form questions so that the discussion can be constructive with little to no arguments?

Are you going to stand your ground, be open to listen and agree to disagree when necessary?

Are you going to be the communicator who shares your thoughts, opinions, and ideas without caring how it sounds or the way it was delivered, making your only concern being that you shared, and you looked like the strongest and best in the room?

Are you going to hold back on sharing your ideas, thoughts and opinions and just listen, observe, process, and then determine whether or not to share? Perhaps you are a bit afraid of creating or being in a conflict or argument.

Or are you going to be the who is not afraid of creating or being in arguments, but prefer to avoid it, if possible, but when necessary will not shy away from conflicts, but also know when to back down?

So, when faced with the communication obstacle such as sharing ideas, opinions, differing perceptions, and so forth…

How are you going to show up and deal with these communication obstacles?



As mentioned in the previous blog, there are no good or bad communication characters because they are all necessary and play an important role.

Sometimes you need to be the arrogant character because you are speaking with another arrogant speaker, and you want to hold your ground.

Sometimes it is necessary to be the timid speaker and just observe, hear, and process everything before jumping in or reacting too quickly.

The Objective of the Game

The ‘winning’ objective is that you deal with the obstacles in the way that you want to.

If you wanted to share your ideas, opinions, and perceptions and felt that you did it in the way that you wanted to then it’s a win.

If you wanted to share your ideas, opinions, and perceptions, but held back or felt that you didn’t do it in a way that you would have liked then guess what?

You learned without losing.

Remember there is no losing in this game, only learning.

Learning points in this case might be why did you hold back? What are your fears? Why do have those fears? What went well and is worth keeping? What didn’t go well that you want to change? What can you do better next time?

You earn bonus points when you’re bold and step into the authenticity of the character you want to portray when dealing with the obstacles in your communication.


This is the Communication Warrior.


You know your way of overcoming obstacles…

Now Go Play and Have Fun Communicating!

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Warm regards,

Grace CW Liu
Communication Navigator