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New Year, New Series – My 2023 Video Series Trailer

Hi, Grace here!

This is an introductory video I’m planning and creating for my 2023 video series. I’ve always felt that life was like a game. With ups and downs, twists and turns and challenges to overcome that will lead you towards your goal or goals. Feels like riding a roller coaster! And communication can feel that way as well.

So, I decided to create a video series for 2023 called COMMUNICATES: A Game For Becoming A Communication Warrior. (Just as a side note, I will be referencing this COMMUNICATES as just COMMUNICATES video series or COMMUNICATES Game, just so that it’s not such a big mouthful.) And so my hope is that you will feel more confident in communicating your thoughts, feelings and desires by viewing communication as a game, rather than as a daunting task that everyone must do.

You’ll have fun and feel like a communication warrior, no matter the situation, or the person you are speaking with. In the COMMUNICATES video series for 2023, there are 12 videos, one for each month, that will focus and talk about each of the components in the communication game. So for example, January will focus and talk about characters, February will be about obstacles, March will be about movements, and so on and so forth. And I will also use the tips that were shared and discussed in the Sensitive Communication Tips video series as the foundation for the communication game. My intention for creating COMMUNICATES the video series for 2023 is that you find it helpful and valuable to help guide you on your journey to become a communication warrior.

Be sure to keep your eyes out for COMMUNICATES: A Game For Becoming A Communication Warrior coming out in January 2023. In the meantime, if you would like to know more about me or if you’re interested in booking a free communication breakthrough session, please visit my website at that’s Until next time, have a happy 2023.

Take care and have fun communicating!

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Warm regards,

Grace CW Liu
Communication Navigator


Grace CW Liu believes there is a solution to every problem including communication and conversation problems. Everyone can find the solution they seek by using the guidance of grace that is in you, with the grace of spiritual support, and Grace –me– as your Communication Navigator and support system.

My passion is to help sensitive, conflict-phobic, and introverted women have effective communication so they feel valued and heard in any conversation.

Through studying and observations, I’ve realized why communication breakdown occurs and the solutions to solving those problems. I’ve presented these solutions so that communicative partners can achieve effective communication!

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