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What Is Your Usual Tone Of Voice? Sarcastic? Optimistic? Annoyed?

How does a person’s tone of voice impact your perception in your communication?

How do other people perceive your tone of voice and what impact does it have on you?

Some people are sensitive to other’s tone of voice and that can impact conversation depending upon the perception of what they hear.

Some people may have a sarcastic tone to their voice, others annoyed, or some are optimistic.

The tone of voice can be subjective.

Some may say a person’s tone of voice sounds sarcastic and another may say that they sounds authoritative.

You could say that there can be different perceptions to a person’s tone, and while it may not bother some, it may bother others.

You might have heard some people say that they try to sound uplifting but then come across as cynical. Despite the positive and encouraging words that are said the tone of voice comes across as if the person is a non-believer.

Your tone of voice is unique to you and sometimes you can’t actively change it.

Your tone of voice is a part of your personality.

When a person knows you well and knows how you communicate, they will start to understand your tone of voice and for the most part will accept it without judgement.

The person will be able to tell when you are happy, annoyed, sarcastic, and so on…


Here are four tips that might help you with the tone of voice (understanding the perception of tone of voice) in your communication.

Tip #1 T-True self

The tone you use or generally have in certain situations is uniquely yours. It is part of who you are. Your personality. That means there are some things you can’t change and that might be the tone of voice you use in certain situations due to your personality. There is no right or wrong about it, it’s just who you are.

Tip #2 O-Opinion

There can be differing opinions on the sound of a person’s tone of voice. Your perception will play a part as to what a person’s tone of voice might be even if it isn’t what the person intended.

Tip #3 N- Nature

Nature of personality. Some people are naturally uplifting, sarcastic, anxious and so forth. There is no right or wrong it is just being who you are.

Tip #4 E- Experience

The perception of the tone may be based upon your past experiences and encounters you’ve had from different people you have communicated with in the past that had that particular tone of voice.

The next time you are in a communication situation, and you want better understand their tone of voice, just remember TONE.

True self




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