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Uncovering Misunderstanding | Sensitive Communication Tips

Hi, Grace here and welcome to Sensitive Communication Tips!

So today’s tips has to do with misunderstanding or uncovering misunderstanding in a conversation, also known as communication breakdown. So every single one of us has had some encounter of communication breakdown or misunderstanding and a communication. It has happened to me. And it has happened to some of the best business people such as Richard Branson, and Oprah Winfrey, and Jack Canfield. You name it, we’ve all have had that problem. I’m sure you have, I have, everybody.

So why there’s communication breakdown happening, why are there sometimes misunderstanding in a communication? Well, one has to deal with perception. And I like to use this example as the word service. Now we all know the basic meaning of the word service. However, the feeling behind that word, or how we feel about that word, we– it’s our own our own perception of it. So some people might view the word service, as serving, as you know, I work hard, I give you what you want, so that you can pay me for it. And so it becomes more of a work relationship where I’m working, I’m serving you, so I can get some income. So it becomes more of a work labor kind of feeling. Where some people use the word service, as in, I’m sharing my experience, I’m sharing my excitement, or I’m sharing my joy, or I’m sharing my education with you, in a way to serve you in a way as a service. So that we can both enjoy. So we’re learning from each other, where I am sharing with you my experience, you’re sharing some of your experience, you’re sharing some of your enjoyment, or whatever it is with me as I am with you. So as a service becomes more of a sharing experience, to create some of the joy hopefully, and some of the experience could be just an educational experience where you’re learning from one another. And so that perception, or that feeling of that word, then is different. Because now you’re feeling like, you know, even if it’s not a great experience, but I learned something from it, or the other person learned something from me. So that’s a different perception, or a different feeling of the word service, from somebody who feels it’s more work labor intensive. So just that word itself, again, we know the basic meaning, but the perception, the feeling, the how we– how each person feels about that work can be different. And so when we hear somebody says– say, oh, you know, you know, it’s important to provide customer service, it can present a different perception to that person on how one person hears that sentence of, we need to provide customer service, great customer service, one person might say, Yeah, I believe in that. And one person might say, I already do a lot of work, how much more do I need to give? So again, that has to deal with perception.

The second reason or might be a communication breakdown or misunderstanding is that it just happens. You know, not everything we do is always going to work out that in that includes communication, not everything we say, will make sense to the other person. And vice versa. Not everything that person says to us is going to make sense and creating some of that misunderstanding. And that’s okay and realize that it’s okay. And take that as a learning opportunity of what you can do or will– for what that person can do to best repair misunderstandings or when communication breakdown happens. Take it as a learning opportunity, the best way to deal with it, and what you can or what the other person can do to help to move the conversation forward.

And then the third is, listen. A lot of the times many people you know, including myself, sometimes we don’t actually listen, we listen to reply or to respond to the other person, rather than just to Listen, and just process what the person is saying. And then if there’s something we want– want to reply to just take a moment just to process, you know, if I say this, how would the person take it? Would the person understand? Am I leading to more more understanding? Or if, if I’m processing and I want to reply, respond quickly, then perhaps I’m missing out. And I’m maybe jumping to conclusion, which could lead to more misunderstanding. So sometimes it’s just okay, just to listen, and not feel that you have to listen in a way that you have to reply or respond or reply quickly.

So hopefully, you found these tips to be helpful. So again, just a quick review, so three things have– three tips to help you to uncover or repair some of those communication misunderstanding is one just realize perception, two acknowledge that sometimes communication breakdown can happen, misunderstandings can happen and just make sure that you understand that, you know, it’s not a complete failure, that this is an opportunity to learn. And then three, the third is listen.

Alright, so I hope you found these tips to be helpful in uncovering misunderstandings or to repair misunderstandings, repair the communication breakdown. So if you found these tips to be helpful, and you would like to learn more about me how you can work with me how you can book that FREE communication breakthrough session with me, then please visit my website, That’s And I look forward to seeing you here next time at Sensitive Communication Tips, we will– where we will take a deeper dive into misunderstandings and communication where I’ll provide a really quick, hopefully a quick story about it. So that way, you can see how misunderstandings can happen at any time. And sometimes, you know, how to best move forward either with some humor or you know, acknowledgement of some sort.

So, anyway, I look forward to seeing you here again next time. Thank you for being here. And take care. Bye for now!