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Deep Dive On The THINK Technique | Sensitive Communication Tips

Hi there, Gracie CW Liu here and welcome to Sensitive Communication Tips!

In my previous video I talked about the THINK technique. It is to help those of you who are afraid to share your opinions because you are afraid of perhaps of creating conflict or disagreement that the THINK technique might actually help you to share your opinions.

Now in this video, I would like to do a deep dive into the THINK technique. Some of the questions that were used in the THINK technique are pretty self-explanatory. So, what I like to do is go through each of the questions and the ones that perhaps need a little bit more of a deep dive on, that is what I will do.

So starting with the letter T – is it TRUE? Now, I talked about having some facts, some truth to backup your opinion, and just realize that the other person will also have some truth and facts to back up his or her opinion, as well. So look at both sides of the facts, and therefore it will help to open up more of a dialogue. And know that there are always facts on both sides.

H – is it HELPFUL? Now, I am sure the reason you are sharing your opinion is because you want it to be helpful to the person you are talking to, or to the group of people you’re talking to when you’re sharing your opinions. So– and also does that person or those group of people want your help and want to hear your opinions? So would it help them? So that’s my take on is it helpful?

I – is it INSPIRING? I think most of us would like to inspire each other. So I don’t believe any person who is sharing their opinions, don’t want it to be inspiring, but perhaps how it might inspire that person. And that was what I kind of talked about in my previous video was about how we might inspire the person or the group of people to take a certain action.

And then we have N – is it NECESSARY? So this is the one that I would like to kind of talk about is it necessary? Perhaps you might find that, it is necessary for you to share your opinion. And the other person or group might not think so. But the question is, why is it necessary for you to share your opinion? in what way will it be important for you to share your opinion with the other person or with a group of people? So again, the question is, why is it necessary for you to share your opinion with the person or a group of people that might disagree with you? And is it perhaps necessary to have this dialogue? You know, we might disagree. And you might disagree with a person. But sometimes, it’s not just– it’s not enough just to say, “Well, I have an opinion about this.” And just have, you know, a group of people that share a common opinions. Sometimes in order to learn and to grow and to be a better version of ourselves, it’s important to have an open dialogue. And sometimes the way to have that open dialog is the necessity of sharing differing opinions. So I think the question why is it necessary? Might be the most important question to ask when sharing, you know, when we ask, is it necessary to us, we might say yes, it is. But why? And then that might change a little bit of how we want to address the differing opinions. That’s my take on is it necessary? And then

K – is it KIND? And again, that’s pretty self explanatory. We, and I don’t know about you, but I know I tend to accept other people’s opinions a little bit that I might not agree but I will be willing to listen if it was done in a kind, pleasant, calm manner. So that’s my take on is it kind of you know, using kind words calm voice even with differing opinions or disagreements. There is really no reason why there can’t be any civility. While we can’t be civil towards one another, when there might be some differing opinions, or disagreements.

So those are my take on the word think and the questions that are used to kind of help guide whether or not to share opinions. So if you found the strategies to be helpful, or perhaps you have your strategies that you use to help you to decide whether or not to share your opinions, I would love for you to share. If you do, please, I only ask that you please be respectful, supportive and kind.

And if you found my strategies or the techniques today to be helpful, please visit my website at That’s G R A C E S O U L U T I O N S .com to see how you can book a FREE Communication Breakthrough Session with me. Thank you for being here. I look forward to seeing you here again next time. Take care. Bye for now!

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