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Are you ready to increase your confidence, create healthier boundaries and skyrocket your communication skills without feeling overwhelmed or anxious?

Are you ready to increase your confidence, create healthier boundaries and skyrocket your communication skills without feeling overwhelmed or anxious?

It’s time to Awaken Your Truth!

Welcome! I'm Grace C.W. Liu

The biggest problem that is facing introverted women today is
Stagnant Communication Syndrome

What is Stagnant Communication Syndrome?
It’s a set of symptoms that I have identified that are the result of having unhealthy communication styles. I know, I know, that can seem pretty technical!

So, here it is in lay’s terms:

Learn Powerful Communication Strategies

Does it feel like they’re not listening? Healthy communication is the cornerstone of any successful relationship. The words we use carry power and energy, but communication is more than words. It’s also body language and listening skills. Effective communication with others is all about give and take.

GraceSOULutions helps individuals and couples grow to love their personal relationships by cultivating healthy communication. We do this by creating communication strategies that help sensitive; introverted women openly communicate their thoughts, feelings, and desires. That way, they are seen, heard, and understood by their partners.

If You Have
Stagnant Communication Syndrome, you might:

• Feel unworthy and like your opinion doesn’t matter
• Communicate in passive-aggressive manner because they don’t know what healthy communication boundary looks like
• Feel anxiety, fear or overexplaining when you speak up for yourself
• Over share with the wrong people or complain and gossip to the wrong people who can’t fix your problems and might actually make it worse by sharing it with others
• Have negative self-talk and be overly self critical when communication breaks down or things didn’t work out due to low self-esteem which causes more low self-esteem issues and feeling worse and more unworthiness
• Due to negative talk/thoughts/emotions, most likely turn to poor/bad habits or addictive behaviors to self-soothe that can be detrimental to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health
• Feelings of unworthiness and low self-esteem can leave you feeling angry
• Dread speaking to people especially difficult people because you feel drained and defeated when you talk to them making you feel worse and low
• Dwell on the negative events and have a hard time bouncing back
• Be overly sensitive and one negative event or poor communication or critique from someone can knock off all the positive events that had occurred prior to the negative event-takes a long time to bounce back
• Have poor communication boundaries that cause yelling, oversharing, and withholding information at the wrong time and can lead to poor self-care

I have a few different ways that I help my clients, it really just depends on what the best fit is for you. 

My Programs Help You:

  • Create more Ease and flow of communication
  • Feel a greater sense of confidence and feeling of empowered of knowing what to do if and when communication breakdowns happen
  • Speak up for yourself and your worth in healthy and effective ways
  • Know how to shift, pivot and change the direction in your communication so you feel more in control
  • Have more peaceful and harmonious relationships at home and at work
  • Feel seen, heard, understood and supported when you communicate
  • Learn the practical skills to create a healthy mindset when communicating with easy or difficult people and/or when communication didn’t work out 
  • Learn how to not take it personally when others have different communication styles than you do.

Learn How To Find Balance In Your Relationships - Starting From Within

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Begin Your Path To Better Communication

Step 1: Book Your Breakthrough Sesson

As a communication coach, Grace Liu can help you identify patterns that stand in the way of optimal communication. Your session will help you gain insight and understand how your communication affects others. Schedule now to begin the process of reclaiming your relationships.

Step 2: Move One Step Forward

Analyzing your communication approach can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be tedious. These crucial steps help you take control of your conversations. Our 1-Step approach identifies five obstacles while spelling out the single step you should take for the easiest success.

Step 3:
The Program

As your communication navigator, Grace guides you through your personal process so you can resolve communication challenges within your relationships. With a clear goal and understanding of the problem, we’ll help determine your best program and support you while you complete it.

If you’re ready to kick Stagnant Communication Syndrome to the curb and reclaim your power to live an inspired and confident life, book a communication breakthrough discovery call to apply to work with me. We’ll chat in a no-pressure way and see if it’s a fit to have me help you awaken your truth and have greater confidence in your life and in your communication.

“There is a solution to every problem. When those problems involve communication and conversation, you need grace. You need the grace that is in you, the grace of spiritual support, and me, Grace, your expert communication coach and navigator.”


We provide soul-centered solutions for individuals and couples looking to enrich their personal relationships.

Give your relationships more by cultivating healthy communication.