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Why Hire A ‘Transition Navigator’?

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Why Hire A ‘Transition Navigator’?

Grace Liu is a Transition Navigator who will help you to navigate through your biggest challenges about yourself when going through your career, health, relationship, and/or life transition through one of her programs called the Dream Builder Program.

By the end of 90 days you will:
  • Have a clear vision (blueprint) of what you want for your career, health,
    and relationship as you go through your life transitions.
  • Take the action steps (bridging) that will help you to close the gap
    of where you are to where you want to be.
  • Create the results (building) you want.

Does this sound like you?

Feel stuck at your job?
Lose focus at work?
You feel unempowered at your job?

I was laid off from my job in healthcare that I loved and learned so much from. A year and a half later, I realized that I was still not over the layoff, was very unhappy with my current job, and was unclear of what direction my life was going.

Working with Grace as my life coach has been invaluable to help me find and listen to my dreams, reset and calibrate my perspectives, and pursue my goals. Grace has been very supportive from day one. Her insightfulness has help me to overcome road blocks and potential situations and people that may sabotage my growth.

Grace structured my progress while also keeping me accountable.
I really appreciate her open dialogue, investment in me, compassion, and dedication.

-Dawn from Oahu


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Is this the TRANSITION you would like to see?

  • Love your Dream Job and look forward to each work day
  • Increase your focus at work so time just flies by
  • Feel more empowered at work with more confidence


Do you often feel this way?

  • Poor overall health due to poor health habits
  • Have no or little energy especially after recovering from major illness
  • Imbalance of mind, body, and spirit

Would this be an ideal TRANSITION for you?

Better health by having better health habits and coping skills

Improve your energy especially after recovering from illness

Balance your mind, body, and spirit so life once again feels ‘good’

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Do you often see yourself this way?

  • Feel unsupported and unappreciated at home and at work
  • Don’t feel worthy to have the love that you want
  • Afraid to get hurt again

Would it be great to see you TRANSITION this way?

  • Feel more supported and appreciated in your personal and professional life
  • Increase your self-worth to manifest the love you want
  • Create more harmonious relationships with good boundaries

Do you often find yourself thinking this way?

  • You don’t know how to cope with the unexpected life change
  • Not clear as to what it is that you want which can increase overwhelm
  • Worry and doubt about the decision you made. Seemed like a good idea at the time, but now you are not so sure

Would you feel more empowered with this TRANSITION?

  • You finally have a vision that gives you more clarity
  • Finding the best program designed to help you navigate through your life transition and achieve the best possible outcome
  • You have replaced your ‘doubt and worry’ with new tools you use along with the new-found confidence that results in better decision making

Contact Grace if you would love to go through your career, health, relationship, and/or life transition with ease, happiness, and grace.


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